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Editor: Frank Grealish

Mobile / Cell: + 353 87 2796073

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Assistant Editor: Philip Stevens

Mobile / Cell: + 44 786 6537404

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What is AirForcesReview.com?

AirForcesReview.com is a military aviation e-magazine that is based in Ireland and was set up by Frank Grealish and Philip Stevens in 2010.

Over the years we have found that for every 20 articles received by printed aviation magazines only two ever get published through lack of space. Together we created AirForcesReview.com, our aim being to publish our own articles as well as military aviation news stories from around the world.

AirForcesReview.com is a "not for profit" website that has been put together by those who like military aviation and like what they do.

Our aim is to bring you regular updates of military aviation news from around the world, as well as publish articles covering such things as exercises, base visits, air force reports and air shows.

Meet the Team - Frank Grealish / Editor

Frank Grealish Ever since I saw a flypast by 3 Fouga Magisters of the Irish Air Corps in 1985, followed the same week by an Air Corps SAR demonstration, I've been hooked on military aviation.

Having always had a interest in photography it seemed natural to combine the two passions. It also helped that the city I lived in had a seaside air show every year, this gave me a chance to dust off the camera and point it at the sky.

Over the years I've travelled to all around Ireland and Europe as well visits to the USA and Russia, chasing the perfect aviation photo. This is a never ending quest, as each year brings a search for new locations and new opportunities.

I am a Canon junkie, and my equipment has been purchased with air travel in mind, if I can't bring it as carry on it doesn't travel, one of the downsides of living on an island at the western edge of Europe I suppose. If only Ryanair did frequent flyer miles...

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Meet the Team - Philip Stevens / Assistant Editor

Philip Stevens My main interest in life (apart from my family), is aviation photography. I think and breathe aviation photography! I took up spotting from the age of nine or ten and photography followed a few years later.

If I am not planning for an assignment or event, whether it be in the UK, Europe or North America, then I am taking time off to go to Wales or Cumbria for some low level flying photography.

I have traveled widely searching for the most interesting and exciting aircraft images, aviation Photography for me includes vintage and veteran civil aircraft, warbirds and modern military aircraft. I am lucky to be able to fly with the RAF and other air forces for air to air images, which takes my aviation photography a stage further.

Military base visits give me a chance to talk to pilots and to get in close. Aviation photography is so much better when the shots are taken of aircraft in their natural surroundings and way from the public and barriers.

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Published Work

As well as publishing articles on our respective websites, IrishAirPics.com and Target Aviation Photography, and on AirForcesReview.com, with a combined total of over 40 years taking pictures and writing articles, Frank and Philip have had supplied photos & articles to the following publications & organisations:

Aviation & Trade Magazines
ABRAPHe Aircraft Illustrated Air Combat Air Forces Monthly
Air International Airports of the World Australian Aviation Aviation History
Aviation News Aviation and Time Avions Club Wings
Combat Aircraft Control & Automation Flieger Revue Flight International
Flying In Ireland General Aviation Journal of Electronic Defense JP4
Loop Lotnictwo Pilot RAF Annual Review
RAF Magazine RAF Yearbook RCME Rivista Aeronautica
The Moth Wings Ireland    

The list above is not exhaustive, photographs and text have been supplied to various other books, publications, organisations, aircraft & aviation equipment manufacturers and websites. Our photographs have been used in publications as varied as a golfing records booklet or a French school book to having pictures used on playing cards or having a picture published in Maxim.

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