Operation Odyssey Dawn - Day 1 - US involvment

F-16DJ belongs to  the 480th FS  / © Frank Grealish

F-16DJ belongs to the 480th FS / © Frank Grealish

Posted By Frank Grealish

March 20 - On the first night of Operation Odyssey Dawn, numerous United States aircraft and weapons systems were employed over and around Libya.

Aircraft launched from land bases as well as ships while missiles were fired from ships and submarines.

Here is what is known so far:

Navy EA-18G Growlers, flying from land bases, provided electronic warfare support.

Marine Corps AV-8B Harriers from the 26th MEU, flying from USS Kearsarge, conducted strikes against ground forces and air defences.

Three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers dropped 40 bombs on a large Libyan air base, thought to be Mitiga (formerly Wheelus AFB).

F-16CJ Fighting Falcon are reported to have provided suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD) support.

Over 20 Navy ships and submarines fired 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles (the exact number the U.S. fired is uncertain as some Tomahawks were fired by a Royal Navy submarine).

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