IWM Duxford's Conservation Team embarks on an exciting new project

The first engine is removed from the B-17. / © Imperial War Museum

The first engine is removed from the B-17. / © Imperial War Museum

Posted By Philip Stevens

Imperial War Museum Duxford’s Conservation Department is about to embark on a large-scale project to undertake conservation work on B-17 Flying Fortress Mary Alice, currently on display in the American Air Museum.

The aircraft is in the process of being dismantled in situ in the American Air Museum, allowing visitors to see the Conservation Team at work. The image above show the propellers and engine being removed from the aircraft.

Once dismantled, the aircraft will be taken out of the fire exit from the American Air Museum and transported to Hangar 5: Conservation in Action where the conservation work will take place. The work will take no more than 16 months, from initial dismantling of the aircraft, to putting it back on display in the American Air Museum.

Hangar 5 will be open to the public during this time, enabling visitors to see the conservation work in action. Regular visitors will be able to track the progress of the project as it develops.

We’ll be sending out further updates on the B-17 Flying Fortress Mary Alice conservation as it progresses. Follow the progress of IWM Duxford's new project, Historic Duxford, on its blog by going to www.iwm.org.uk/duxford

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Source: Esther Blaine, Imperial War Museum

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